The Most Beautiful Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates

1. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

A character from Majora's Mask staring at the mask

Majora's Mask is special in way too many ways and even after more than a decade after it's original release, the title's art direction still shines. A 3D remake is coming to the New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS on February 13th. The Cover Plate seen above is pure Nintendo magic and claims the top of the list.

Majora's Mask Cover Plate from Play Asia

2. Old School Mario

Mario on red background

Almost a Super Mario Bros. 3 classic throwback reminds us of everything that's good about Nintendo. It's-a-me-Mario brings distinct red vibe to the New Nintendo 3DS and make's it look a tad like the NES or SNES. It also fits extremely well with the SNES style button colours.

Mario Cover Plate from Play Asia

3. Mighty Stompin Goomba

Goomba on a brown background

It is hard to talk about one, without mentioning the other. Goombas have become as iconic as Space Invaders and it is no wonder. Typical tread of the mill bad guys that deserve nothing but to be stomped on. As with the Mario Cover Plate, this one will let everybody know where you stand on the new games / retro debate.

Goomba Cover Plate from Play Asia

4.Question Block ... What?

A well known question block from the super mario series

We are not too much in favor of Mario here, the series has just produced way too many iconic symbols. Question Block Cover Plate makes you totally mysterious on a date, let's you clearly express your sense of fashion and even get away with hitting people on the head with your New Nintendo 3DS (which, by the way, we don't recommend). Or you can just get 8 of these are hang them randomly around the walls in your apartment.

Question Block Cover Plate from Play Asia

5. Kirby

Many different Kirby figures, portraying different emotions

One fluffy ball of many faces. It is hard not to love Kirby and his adventures and this Cover Plate is nicely reflective of his adventures. Also it looks like wood, which is stylish and unique. With new Kirby title coming in 2015, this is a way to make your New Nitnendo 3DS stand out.

Kirby Cover Plate from Play Asia