Best Spider-Man Game

What is the best Spider-man game? Great question, brought about just recently by my subscription to Marvel Unlimited (I finally know the story of the black suit, yay!).

Truth be told, I have not played that many webslinging video games, as the movies pretty much did Peter Parker in for me. But luckily, here comes Marvel with couple thousand issues I have yet to read. True love is easy to reignite, I guess. If you are a fan of the amazing Spider-man, you might want to take a look at any of the following titles:

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Some time ago I browsed a LOTR fanpage and one of the questions on there was "What is the best LOTR videogame?" The best and most true answer: "Lego Lord of the Rings and I am not even kidding."

Well, here you go. Marvel Super Heroes lets you control a vast number of Marvel super heroes and villains, including your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. And while the brawling controls probably don't do our favorite hero much justice, the web swinging mechanic is probably the best video-game implementation so far.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Another game not centered specifically on Spider-man let's you control Marvel Heroes in an over the top comics adventure. Personally, I found some moments a bit dull and the story daunting, but the characters and boss battles are well worth it.

Spider Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage

Plain old beat'em up that you will probably have to run via emulator. I can't remember a 16bit brawler that ain't fun.

Spider-man 64

This mus be my all-time favourite Spider-man game. Great controls, ton of generic mob enemies, great stealth action and overall an accurate protrayal of Spidey make this a blast to play.