Should I Play League of Legends or DOTA 2

What is the difference?

I have played League of Legends since the release and have had a DOTA 2 beta access for a long time. 

League of Legends is much more accessible. Not only are things well explained to new players, controls are also very friendly and every part of the game, such as shopping is tailored to support casual play. The matches in League of Legends tend to be shorter and a team can cast a surrender vote after some time if things are not going well, thus saving time. 

DOTA 2 is less polished of the two, more chaotic, less structured and games tend to be longer. There is no surrender mechanics, although you are allowed to leave a match early if there are people disconnecting and such. One thing that stands out about DOTA 2 is the true diversity of its heroes. No two heroes are alike and a lot of them feature some sort of interesting exception to gameplay formula.

Both games are free to play, thus sporting no barrier to entry. Downside of both is how hugely time consuming they are and how immature and aggresive the people you meet in the game tend to be. This particular fact is bringing the gameplay experience down by a large margin.