Guild Wars 2 Shadow Behemoth

During the last Guild Wars 2 stress test I finally got to play the epic Shadow Behemoth chain event. It all started by a warning that strange things have been going on in the swamp vicinity. I followed the marks and soon discovered portals swarming with underworld creatures. I was alone and in no position to engage the wraiths, but soon allies arrived and together we took on the monsters. We cleared the portals, but two more remained. Together we proceeded to the second portal and were once again successful in shutting it down. Trouble came with the first portal. Being severely underleveled (level 9) I had to stealthily avoid the basilisks in woods ourside my goal. When I finally got to the portals a huge battle has ensued, in which I was downed quite a few times and would not have survived if it werent for the other players. In the end we were victorious and learned out that there is a disturbance in the swamp. 

Here is what the disturbance was:

Guild Wars 2 Shadow Behemoth
Guild Wars 2 - The Shadow Behemoth 

The battle is truly epic, especially considering how low level players may participate and still contribute towards victory.

Guild Wars 2 - Shadow Behemoth Portals

Guil Wars 2 - Shadow Behemoth Downed State

Guild Wars 2 - Shadow Behemoth Battle