Guild Wars 2 Book: Edge of Destiny

After bookworming through the Ghosts of Ascalon I went on to satisfy my Guild Wars 2 lore hunger by the second published book and I ended up being absolutely blown away. Unlike the Ghosts of Ascalon, Edge of Destiny story feels much more closely related to the game's story. Each of the characters you meet at the start of the game (Rytlock Brimstone, Logan Thackeray, Caithe, Zojja, Snaff, Eir Stegalkin) is well presented as is the immediate set of events which happen right before you create your character in Guild Wars 2. The story, while a little cheesy at times, is epic and is resolved in a way that leaves you particularly hungry for playing the game.

While Ghosts of Ascalon was a nice piece of lore, Edge of Destiny is in my opinion a must-read, if you want to fully enjoy Guild Wars 2 and understand what goes on right from the start.