The Forgotten Nintendo DS

With Nintendo jumping head first into the next generation with Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in a desperate struggle against the falling profits, stocks and nervous investors (yes, we live in a time where youd can have Japan's best selling console in the last 12 months and still be unsuccessful...), many curse 3DS lack of titles, forgetting the nearly limitless volume of DS titles out there.

Personally I own a Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi XL and a 3DS (not mentioning the GBA and GBA Micro) and I still get a good time out of them. In fact, I am of the opinion that the DS is far superior to all competitiors in terms of sheer fun and high quality gameplay to be had. I will cover some of them shortly in here. I have tens of cartridges on the backlog and I yet have to finish most of them.

So while Nintendo has no choice but to embrace the future with it's hardware or face investor wrath, you are free to appreciate the past and that specific past has lots to offer.

Nintendo DS Lite is the perfect balance in terms of battery life, size and power. The form factor is great and despite reports of bad hinges, my system runs great. The battery is a monster. Sometimes I feel like the DS recharges by itself or from air. By the time any other handheld would already need to be charged (thrice that is) the DS Lite is still going strong and has hours of gameplay in store. The 15-19 hours my DS Lite can produce seem absolutely oddwordly but are much welcome whenever you travel. With clicky buttons, which improve control on action oriented games, the Nintendo DSi XL is the clear runner up. With screens almost as big as a small tablet and 15 hours of battery life, this handheld is another testament to Nintendo DS longevity.

A system is only as good as the software or so they say. In here, Nintendo DS has nothing to fear with thousands title strong library, that contains a large number of games where gameplay spans over 40 hours of gameplay (Pokemon series, RPGs etc.).

It is easy to conclude that the Nintendo DS is and for some time to come still will be the platform of choice. And with the DSi and DSi XL supporting the DSiWare digital downloads, the systems are in to be well supported for years to come.