Guild Wars 2 Book: Ghosts of Ascalon

I am currently reading the book in order to get more insight into the lore of whatever happened between the original Guild Wars and the sequel that is coming out on 28th of August (25th if you pre-purchased) and I would recommend anybody to do the same. While not superbly written (in the stylistical sense), the plot is very good in that it feels like a record of a typical D&D adventure and bridges the gap stunningly well (in this aspect I feel the book in its e-form should be made part of the game).

I finally understand what exactly has happened with Ascalon, why there are Ghosts everywhere, what stopped the war between the Charr and the Humans, who the Hell are Sylvari and how the Asura appeared in Tyria.

Also, there are some very very nice touches that go back to the actions players have taken in the original Guild Wars (such as the centaur Character Ventari), revealing some of them (seemingly the smalles of actions) as all-important to some things we take for granted in Guild Wars 2.

I was afraid that this was going to be a cash-in. I must have forgotten that it is ArenaNet I am talking of. What I suspected to be a way to pull more money from its fans is actually a great fan-service. I can't wait to finish the reading and move on to the other book available.

Guild Wars 2 became much bigger than a game. At least this is how I feel. I can call it a project for a lack of better word, but I would not shy from calling it a piece of art. I can only wish it would fare well and support the team in their resolve to do things differently, to take risks and to deem players as first and foremost.