League of Legends major flops

There are couple of fun draining moments to be found even in such a splendid game as League of Legends is. With some of those I can't seem to figure out why Riot has not introduced a solution already. Let's go through them:

  • AFKers and Leavers are plain terrible. In a game where average match lasts 40-60 minutes, having a player leave or be disconnected early on is a surefire way to kill all the fun. You still have to play at least 20 minutes of a game before you can surrender as a team, which is downright stupid. If you leave, you become a leaver itself. Not only is this irritating for your team, but also for the enemy team, since playing 5v4 matches is no fun. SOLUTION: Allow players to surrender at anytime if there is AFKer or Leaver. SOLTUION: Allow players to hop in a game and take control of an abandoned (i.e. RageQuit) champion.
  • Endless grind to lvl 30. I have both US and EU accounts for LoL. I used the US one when EU servers were but a wish in the wind and then was forced to start from the scratch. Getting to level 30 on the US server was fun. Going there on the EU one seems to be a painstaikingly terrible, boring grind. Why should you care? Well, you NEED TO BE LVL 30 in order to play ranked matches. This is meant to ensure that by the time you enter ranked, you already know the basics of the game. It also erases differences in Mastery points. SOLUTION: Enable ranked matches from level 5 on.
  • Retards and whiners. League of Legends is a team game. Teamplay is everything. A clever player ganks as often and as much as possible. Personal stats are worthless. Victory of the team is all that matters. Still you will get whined at for TKs and ganking and not going 1v1 and all sorts of shit. SOLUTION: Be like GuildWars 2. Reward the team, not the individual.