Guild Wars 2 builds on a great foundation

The original Guild Wars remains to be one of my favourite PC titles, for it does so many things unbelievably well. The good point is that all of its strong features will also appear in the much awaited sequel, currently in beta and pre-purchasable.

  • No monthly fees - $0
    Yes - there are NO monthly payments. In other words, no subscription, no nothing. Seriously. A lot of people were bickering how Guild Wars is not a real MMO, how it is instanced and so on. Bugger all, I say. Guild Wars is a fully fleshed MMO, if I ever saw one. Without the need to pay money every month (have I been clear enough here?). Also - I love how all these MMOs were coming out that have subscriptions (Age of Conan, Warhammer, Star Trek, The Old Republic), with  the lovely bullshitty FAQ points babbling about how it is not possible to build a solid MMO without recurring subscriptions and so on... BULLSHIT! Warhammer has been on life support since ever, Age of Conan was a major flop, Star Trek - did anybody even play that game?, The Old Republic got old fairly quickly. But Guild Wars is still as enjoyable as it was on launch, if not more, with all the free updates it has gotten over the years. And you know what? No monthly fees...

  • Perfect character/skill management
    Usually, all those shit games out there (sorry, Diablo 2, you are great, but pretty shitty in this aspect) that force you to start a new char from scratch and play through all the content again just because you assigned a point wrongly by mistake suck. And oh boy, they suck hard. Guild Wars, on the other hand, let's you respec your character whenever you please. So you have a tank build, but would prefer a damage dealer? No problem. Just respec. Anytime, for free. Aha, Ice Mage is not your fancy anymore? Respec to Fire. Anytime, for free. Guild Wars 2 will be taking the concept even further by allowing you to switch builds on the fly. Yes, this does mean in the middle of a combat.  How awesome is that? I hear you.

  • Stunning level and environment design
    Daniel Dociu must be crazy. There can be no doubt. Guild Wars has some of the slickest, sickest game art created. Some of the locations are ripe with imagination beyond belief. Even years after its original release, Guild Wars feel fresh in design and leave other MMOs with their generic environments (looking at you, WOW) dragging behind. If you like your games nice, if you love to show off to your friends, you need Guild Wars 2.

  • Maybe the best PC RPG experience, hands down
    There have been very few RPG titles after nineties that held my interest. In fact, I could break it down to mere 3 titles. Diablo 2, Puzzle Quest, Guild Wars. Ignore the rest. Guild Wars feels, from the very first second you start to play, markedly different in that it does things right. The way they meant to work. The system works well, while not feeling generic or too mathemathical. It's just bloody fun.