League of Legends Best Champions: Warwick

There is a lot of sentiment when it comes to Warwick. He was the first champion I have played for and to date remains to be my most favorite.
Not only is Warwick super cool by design, he is a blast to play. With inherent life-stealing abilities, super strong life-stealing Q ability, team speed attack enhancing W ability and hunter-killer speed increasing E passive, he is a foe to behold. Count in his ultimate attack, which stuns opponent for a couple of seconds, rendering him helpless against Warwick’s brutal attacks and you have a killer on the loose.


As with all champions, there was a time when Warwick was so overpowered, I would take out whole teams at once. His life-stealing ability was so high that combined with his speedy attack and his ultimate, it was practically impossible to bring him down. I vividly remember the moment when I was able wipe the whole opposing team within 10 seconds. I got cheers of awe from my teammates, quoting my prowess in battle. No. It was Warwick being OP as hell.
The character has been slightly nerfed since then, but is still easily one of the hallmark League of Legends champions.