League of Legends Best Champions: Twitch

Do you smell rat? I definitely do. My love for this League of Legends hero is very strong. As with Warwick, Twitch is a very well designed character. Yes, he is a rat, he smells terribly and is followed by his own private swarm of flies. He is super capable at hiding in shadows and ambushing unsuspecting enemy heroes. Fed and buffed, Twitch can be strong enough to take enemy heroes 1v1, combined with his ability to become temporarily invisible it means the enemy can never be safe, wherever on the map they move.


I started playing Twitch early when he was still very overpowered and it was not unusual to end a match with over 20 kills, often even amassing as many as 36 or more. Yes, Twitch was imba and OP but he was (and still is) also a blast to play with. There are countless moments where my rat absolutely dishonored the opposing champion, usually in situations when my Twitch was so fed that he would take on even the strongest of tanks and fighters and barely take a scratch.
What’s more, Twitch’s ultimate used to be so darn overpowered that it was super easy to take out WHOLE TEAMS in under 3-4 seconds. As the name suggests, all you had to do is find a good situation (such as defending the middle tower) and then just Spray and Pray. If the enemy team was in one line, bang! All dead. By then the poison ability had no distance limit, so even if a hero managed to survive your attack, he was sure to bite the dust once you’ve hit E on your keyboard. Those were some good old times…
But even after a series of nerfs, Twitch is still a very good character to play if you know how and it is still possible to wreak havoc in large doses and accomplish sick amount of kills or assists within a match. So again, do you smell rat?