League of Legends Best Champions: Miss Fortune

I used to love playing Gangplank. If memory serves me well, it was the first pirate champion in League of Legends. Yet, couple of weeks later I encountered the – then new – hero, Miss Fortune, in a match on-line and got terribly and utterly dominated along with the rest of my teammates. That was when I fell in love with Miss Fortune.

This pirate lady is one of the most well-versed carries (short for character) in the game. With an inherent speed bonus she is super suited to laning and some early hit-and-run ganking. Her E ability is a nice AoE skill that either helps her effectively farm minions or slow down enemy heroes. Her W ability is again quite useful when farming or jungling, as it gives her a passive increase in damage and active increase in attack speed. It also reduces healing for enemy champions. Coupled with a little damage and some life-steal, this ability is a killer. I seldom use the Q ability, apart from finishing off enemy players if they are low on health. Miss Fortune’s ultimate is a lot of fun as  it provides a wide cone AoE damage. It is very rare to time it well enough to wipe out the whole team but it will often, if not almost break the enemy team morale. It also brings down the overall enemy team health and thus greatly helps your team to victory in team fights.