Best alternatives to Diablo III

Now that you have read and drawn inspiration from our comprehensive 5 alternatives to Starcraft 2 post, it is time to move on.
The best known PC games doubtlessly come from Blizzard with Valve probably being close behind thanks to one Gordon Freeman’s popularity. It was only recently that Blizzard announced that the new Diablo title will also be available on consoles and that it will play better with a gamepad than with the trusty mouse and keyboard combo. The first Diablo was huge and there is no denying that the title spawned a whole new genre that so many later tried to imitate. Unless you spent the last 20 years in a Zerg burrow, you probably know that the sequel, Diablo 2 improved the original in all aspects and, in spite of it's remarkable age, the game still maintais a wealthy community of active players and continues to be supported by its makers. As the bomb called Starcraft 2 has been dropped and turned old news, pc gamers have their sights set fixedly on the horizon, eagerly awaiting the return of the king, Diablo 3. And as with Starcraft, to cut the long wait short, we've prepared a rundown of titles sure to satisfy your Diablo itch for a good few weeks.
Diablo 2-boss-diabloDiablo-screenshot


The most recent heavily-Diablo-influenced hack and slash title is a perfect substitution for its more famed cousin. Developed by the team that claims to have played a strong part in the making of the original game, Torchlight resembles it rather closely, or perhaps, too close, in fact. The gameplay will be instantly familiar with classes, skills and spells strongly reminiscent of what you have come to know and love over the years. The secret of Torchlight's relative success lies with its trademark shader-driven cartoony look and the fact that it is playable even on the most low-end of machines (take that, Sacred 2!). Alas, all is not without flaw and so it must be noted that Torchlight features zero multiplayer functionality, so if what you are after is the group mayhem, this is not the title to pick up. The next one may interest you, though.


Despite it's age, the original Sacred and it's expansion set, Sacred Underworld belong among the more competent Diablo clones. The game features just the right mix of mobs, bosses and loot to last several hundred hours before turning old. It also features an innovative skill system that's slightly different to Diablo's and while it has its flaws, it works well and helps gameplay to feels fresh. Online is well supported and works well and there are a number of professions to choose from. Oh, did I mention that you can ride a horse?

Titan Quest

Did you see the movie 300? Fine. You know what Titan Quest is about. The ancient greek theme is quite strong and provides most of the charm in this hack and slash title. There is a number of classes to pick from, along with a solid multiclass system which let's you be two things at once. Titan Quest looks good and plays OK, but when you look under the hood, you'll find some nasty flaws and bugs that never got patched. Online play is supported and number of mods exist so you can spend more time with the game once you'have conquered both Titan Quest and the Immortal Throne expansion set.
Titan Quest


What started out as an indie underdog turned out to be one of the most competent action RPG titles as far as I can remember. Magicka lets you take on the role of a Wizard, who comes across various spells during his journey. The charm lies with the amount of freedom the game gives with combining these spells in order to unleash a devastating mayhem upon your enemies. The fun gets even better when you join the multiplayer, since you can combine your spells with the spells of other players. Magicka is well recommended.


Bastion stands out with its unique narration system where story is created and told as you live it. Apart from this, it also features some very nice graphics and is overall fun to play.