Good RPGs are scarce

With the advent of Skyrim, one has to wonder what has happened with the RPG genre. While high scores fly about and many sing praises about how fabulous the game is and how many options it provides, I can't help being run over by nostalgical memories of how great the first two elder scrolls games were. And no, Skyrim doesn't come even close.

It was with Daggerfall, the second series outing, that we understood how grandious RPGs may become. In that game, one could ignore the main quest completely and still spend lifetime smithing one's own personal story. One could buy and ride a horse, own a house, set up one's own class, join numerous guilds and quest for various factions. Moreover, it was possible to live a simple life of a trader, burglar or a messenger. Or you could spend eternity hunting various crypts and shrines and lairs for treasure.

How torturous it was to see Morrowind take away most of what made Daggerfall great and throw it away. No horseriding, dumbed down level up system, limited weapon classes and visual style more reminiscent of Star Wars than anything else. It just didn't fit in. Oblivion only added insult to injury by letting Uriel Septim die and completely screwing up combat, level up system and world credibility. What can Skyrim bring to the table to impress?