Modern Warfare: Call of Duty Reflex (Wii)

I finished the single player campaign in COD:WaW on the Wii and can´t figure out what it is that makes it so good or that would justify the unprecedentet sales volume. Forgettable campaign, forgettable cast and one of the playable characters dies after a nuclear explosion in the middle of the game. Not that it matters, since the game switches between the characters so often that you don´t have time to settle with one or the another. So in my eyes, the singleplayer = fail.

The multiplayer on the other hand is not half bad. But I am talking about the Wii port, which means I am taking into account the obvious lack of competition. Apart from The Conduit, there´s not really a Wii shooter with solid on-line multiplayer. Having said that, the multiplayer in COD:WaW isn´t perfect. But it´s fun enough and has this strangely addictive substance that keeps you coming back for more. Perhaps it´s due to resembling Counter-strike so badly?