League of Legends opens up to competitive gaming with Season One

League of Legends creator, Riot Games, has announced the beginning of Season One. In short, this means that players will be able to take advantage of an ELO (as in chess) based match-making system. This also means that their stats are going to be put on display via on-line leaderboards. Woo to bragging rights. Cool.

The catch? You have to be at least level 20 to play ranked matches. But since LoL was originally only available in US, many players started their accounts on US servers. Now that EU version is an option, many chose to make the switch. And since there is no way to transfer a character from US to EU server (not even as paid service), the champions had to be left behind.

So yes, Riot, it is fantastic to be able to play ranked games. But my level 30 champion is hibernated on a US server while my new shiny EU account sucks badly under a reign of level 8 champ. And, as you guessed, there is no way, I am spending the tens of hours on playing just to unlock matchmaking. Either make it happen for everybody or make it a paid feature.