Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies first impressions

Treasure games has been my favourite game developer for as far as I can remember. Among their many gems, I hold Gunstar Heroes and Sin and Punishment for N64 most dearly. It´s not surprising then that I rushed the local Game store shortly after day one to get my hands on the Wii sequel to what arguably stands as the best N64 action game and perhaps best shooter up until now.

It´s impossible to describe what you get once you put your game disc into the Wii, for such experience is a rare one (and you could even say Rare one, pun intended). We have become so used to generic action shooters with generic weapons and enemies that playing a game like this feels like injecting pure adrenaline into one´s veins. Sin and Punishment 2 effectively redesigns the meaning of "non-stop action" and does so in a completely original way at that, even more, it instantly dispells the urgent calls for StarFox Wii, as no space is left to compete for in the market of Wii on-rail shooters. Similar to it´s prequel which was one of the very few titles that stood up to Mario 64 in terms of quality, Sin and Punishment 2 is the only thing that can rival the imagery and vivid, lively and ever changing level-design of Super Mario Galaxy.

Not only is the game graphically the most intense thing you´ll ever see processed through Wii, it´s how tight the control scheme is that allows for pure gaming bliss in the long*lost tradition of hard-core gaming. This is not a family title and it´s definitely not for the Wii bowlers out there. Nintendo deserves real respect thus, for backing the game up with its publishing and marketing power. I´d say it´s doubtful if this will be enough for the game to be successful but at least it will shut up all those blaming Nintendo for abandoning core gamers. When these are concerned, games don´t get any better than Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies.