AlphaBounce to satisfy your Arkanoid itch!

I snatched this off the DSiWare as soon as it was available. Naturally, an Arkanoid clone with a story mode and RPG elements was sure to catch my interest. I only spent a brief time with the game so far, but it was fun enough for 500 points. The visuals are far from stunning, yet playing the game is a nice way to relax.

There is a large world map that you have to navigate in order to collect various upgrades for your ship that make the brick-breaking slightly easier. Each map square represents one level. Usually it takes you around 10 squares to get to a new upgrade. This would be about 10 minutes of play time. The catch here is that you never know what new enhancement you will gain in the upgrade. So you play a few more levels to try it out. At this point, it only takes a few more to get another upgrade... See the pattern?

Ken says: Doh it again!