Will my soul be forever lost to the Pokemon fever?

I remember years back when the Pokemon madness flooded the country. I swore I would never become a part of it. It was all too stupid, lame and for kids. Well, never say never, folks. My opinion about Pokemon first started to change when a contemporary writer I deeply respect, one China Mieville, gave away in an interview how great he thinks Pokemon is for kids, especially in terms of fantasy and imagination. It also helped one other person I respect has revealed his Pokemon passion. It was none other than Steve Fawkner, the founder of Infinite Interactive and the author of Puzzle Quest (remember the name, we will talk about the game again!). Well if these respected gentlemen want to catch them all, the game can´t be completely bad, can it?

My curiousity was further supported by Nintendo, when it announced that the new Pokemon games to be released for the Nintendo handheld systems (it gets a little tiresome to write out DS, DSLite, DSi, DSiXL...) will contain a special PokeWalker gadget. This is a cross between a pedometer and a Tamagotchi system. In short, you take it with you wherever you go and your Pokemon grows stronger with every step you take. This way you train your creatures even when not playing the game. This is a little crazy, sure. However, it is also one of the most well-designed fourth wall features I have seen in a game to date.

So to cut the long story short, all this summed up was too tempting to resist and I am now waiting for my Pokemon to arrive in my mailbox. Oh man... ;)
I was initially a little undecided whether to buy the Pokemon HeartGold or the SoulSilver edition. Since these are both remakes of old Gameboy titles I have not played and since I presume they only differ by some exclusive Pokemon, that was truly a tough riddle to crack.

Fortunately, a friend helped me solve it by saying she wanted the Gold version. Not only will that leave me with SoulSilver, it will also mean I will have a person to actually trade my Pokemon with. Oh god, I can' t believe I am saying this... Even worse, I have to admit I spent the whole week on a sickbed and there was this little wish deep down in my heart for the Pokemon to arrive earlier, so I can ease my suffering by catching them all. OK, now you know everything.

Dhalsim says: Bidoof! Use Yoga fire!
Zangief says: Gotta eat them all!

 Note: All pictures taken from Play-Asia