League of Legends is a real gem among PC games

Before I became an avid console gamer, I used to waste time exclusively on the PC. There were loads of good games to play and I thought consoles had very little to offer. Today, my opinion is quite the opposite. There is a multitude of fantastic console titles and not too many PC games that can deliver game-play with a knack. League of Legends by Riot Games is one PC title that easily sees me find an excuse for booting my PC up to have a go for a little multiplayer action. The game has roots in an old Warcraft 3 mod called Defense of the Ancients, which late in the games life-cycle became probably the sole reason for owning it (at least it was why I bought it).

So what's the fuss about? In League of Legends 2 teams of 5 players compete to destroy the opposing base. The bases are facing each other and are spawning minions (weak creatures) in given time intervals. Each player gets to choose his own character (and there is A LOT of them!). The trick is that the players can't attack the enemy base right off, since their heroes are weak at first and as each base is protected by some powerful towers. Thanks to this, the first half of the play time is spent on killing enemy minions attacking your base, thus gaining XP and improving your character by selecting various skills and equipping some jolly items (like a sword called Bloodthirster) . At certain point, your team will be strong enough to join up and take out the towers, while clashing head-to-head with the opposing team.

The game is really addictive and quite fun in short bursts. Truth be told, I think it may be one of the best PC games of today, along with Guildwars and Company of Heroes. But that's just my opinions. My PC is rather old, so I don't play many of the new games and I am not a hug FPS fan :)

Oh and the best bit? The game is free to download and free to play. Meaning you don't have to pay anything at all and can save all your coins for this for example.

Zangief says: Zangief no a hero in this game? Zangief want to play with Zangief! Zangief tell Capcom Zangief a hero in League of Legends or Zangief quit Street Fighter and Capcom stock drop to zero. Then, King of Fighters win...