Wii Christmas Shopping Guide

In case you'd get lost in the plethora of titles released this week, we have prepared a short list of titles that you can't go wrong with.

Number 1 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

It´a sequel to easily the best-selling and top-rated DS title and a new installment to the best-selling and highest rated videogame franchise, sporting Nintendo´s flagship mascot, Mario. Need I say more?

Number 2 - Wii Fit Plus

With the release of Wii Fit, Nintendo has leveraged the idea of exergaming into a very accessible game that will definitely make you sweat. The sequel improves every aspect of the original. If you have the Wii Balance Board, you should get this. 

Number 3 -  Wii Sports Resort

Is there anyone who does not have this game yet? This is a direct sequel to the Wii Sports game that comes bundled with the Wii and is packed to the roof with new minigames, improved controls (especially for bowling and golf) and stunning visuals.

Number 4 - Okami

Few titles sport as lush and extravagant visual style as Okami does. This Zelda-like title is truly unique and extraordinary gameplay experience that brings about sincere emotions. 

Number 5 - Punch-Out !!

Wake up the Tiger and learn how it feels to stand in the ring, just like Rocky Balboa did. Unique visual style, zero blood or gore effects and lots and lots of fun. A game for the whole family.