DS: Phantasy Star 0 Review

Unless we are mistaken, this game is the first online-centered RPG for the DS. Was it worth the wait? It definitely was. The game allows you to play multiple races and classes (Humans, Robots and Uber humans;Melee, ranged and Caster) with each class having a slightly different story. Despite the game being primarily focused on the online multiplayer experience,  the single player is quite robust and fun.
The combat system is simple, yet satisfying, which is good, since combat is what you´ll be doing 90% of the game. The game offers several environments, each divided into smaller areas in which you fight various kinds of monsters. Each of the areas ends with a boss battle. Needless to say, boss battles in this game are completely awesome and on par with those from Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword or The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Houglass. To bring down a dragon with 3 other friends online, using cyberblades, lightning bolts and bazookas never gets old. Ranged characters can also dual-wield - cool stuff. There is a plethora of weapons, armor and items to be found along with a deep crafting system. Camera and controls take some getting used to. However, its definitely worth it, since both, the visuals and the gameplay are stunning.