Wii: Wii Sports Resort Review

Few games changed the video game market landscape the way originalWii Sports did. People who would never though of actually buying avideogame (or even playing one for that matter) were instantly charmed by the game's accessibility and intuitive control scheme. The console it was bundled with, the Wii, became the fastest-selling and most sought after console ever. For months it was nearly impossible to get one if you lived in the US or UK and it easily dominated E-Bay and Amazon top-seller lists and wish lists. While the game was a success from the sales point of view, game reviewers totally failed in their role, dishing out mediocre or slightly positive review scores, which made some wonder, what information value the reviews hold for the consumers. The situation is even more comical this time around, when a sequel to what's easily the most popular game ever has arrived on store shelves.
The review scores are all around the scale from mediocre to above average and the individual reviews can't seem to agree on what part of the game is or isn't fun. Some praise the swordplay based on how tactical and well-implemented it is, while others loathe it, quoting total lack of tactical elements and miserable implementation of controls. One magazine tells you that the Frisbee mini-game is the best of the pack, while another one says that it makes for one of the weaker features. How is the consumer supposed to decide whether to make a purchase, when the so-called professional reviewers can't seem to agree on anything at all? It's easy - don't read the reviews. All of the above mentioned coupled with a quick race through the game and a sweaty review that, above all, is to come out as soon as possible, so that the readers won't turn to competition result in senseless parade of ego-driven snap judgements and half-baked opinions.

But then should you buy the game or not? Well of course you should! It's a Nintendo developed title that comes bundled with a new accessory which enhances the user experience in a major way. Wii Sports Resort is supposed to show you the many different ways this can be done and you can bet Nintendo has put serious money and effort in making sure it works and you will come to like it. As in you, a person who has a social life, daily job, family and things to do with his life beside gaming. This is for whom the game is and we guarantee that if that's you, you will love it. Or do you think that any company would spend millions on developing and marketing a title for the hundred or so people who write for a major gaming magazine and think they have patent on recognizing fun games? Well we already know that these people failed their jobs miserably reviewing the original Wii Sports.

Gamestiq says enjoy the game, laugh at the reviews. In 10 years nobody will remember who the reviewers were but everyone will remember how much fun they had playing Wii Sports Resort.