Ultimate Guide to Wii Fit: Ultimate Workout

So you've read our Ultimate Guide to Wii Fit part one, took our tips to the heart, trained a little and now you're back for more. That's very good as today we are going to let on how to get the most of your little white board.

Before we begin, take two things to heart:
  • Make sure you have plenty of water handy. Drink reasonable amounts of water whenever you will feel thirsty.
  • Don't overdo it. The following is the toughest workout you can get out ofWii Fit. If it feels like it's too big for you now, leave it and go for your usual routine instead. You can always try again later.

So, what's the ultimate Wii Fit routine? Here we go! Go through all the exercises as they are listed below. Do each exercise twice before you move to another one. Set the number of repetitions so that you can handle the exercise just twice.

Exercise 1 - Super Hula Hoop

This is a great aerobic training that will get you warmed up for the stuff to come. Make sure you do it once clockwise and then again, swivelling your hips in the opposite direction. You should be making large circular motion with your hips andthe imaginary circles should be the same throughout the whole exercise. You will notice that as you get tired, you will tend to move your hips in somewhat of anellipse, rather than a circle. Try to prevent that. It is your hips that should be doing all the work, not your knees!

Exercise 2 - Single Leg Extension

It's good to begin your strength training with this one. It may not seem difficult, but you'll need to concentrate and Wii Fit is likely to tell you that your stance is loosening during the second repetition. Your standing leg should not be extremely straight, but rather slightly bent/relaxed. You should stand as straight as possible. Don't look down on your feet when doing the exercise. Keep your back straight and look forward. Focus on doing the right movements with a steady rhythm. Only your leg and your opposite hand should be moving. It's hard to get it right, but don't give up!

Exercise 3 - Sideways Leg Lift

This is very much the same as single leg extension described above. The motion is different, but the philosophy behind it is not. Try to separate the moving parts of your body. The non-moving parts should be stable and relaxed. Try to make fluent and elegant motions. Imagine that YOU are the trainer.

Exercise 4 - Single Leg Twist

Again, try to follow the stuff described above. By now your legs are likely to be tired and you are probably losing balance quite a bit. Don't worry, this will cure itself as your legs get stronger.

Exercise 5 - Lunge

It's time for something more demanding now. If you feel tired, take a 5 minute break and get some water. When doing this exercise, try to concentrate on the details. It's the lead leg that should be doing most of the work. That's why the WiiFit asks measures the pressure you exert on it.

Exercise 6 - Rowing squats

By now, you should already feel like you have accomplished a lot. Rowing squats should not be that tiresome, but again, make sure you do them as instructed, since they represent one of the more complex exercises. You are likely to be able to easily handle 45 repetition. Do it twice, ending up with 90 repetitions in total.

Exercise 7 - Torso Twists

It may seem easy, but make sure you're doing it right. You should not be bending your back.

Exercise 8 - Jackknife Good old Jackknife

You've done it a million times, right? Wrong! Wii Fit has you do them in quite a slow rhythm, thus allowing you the time to make it all correct and be efficient in your training. You should raise both parts of your body - the upper and the lower - at the same time. If one is slower, it means that you are not using your muscles correctly. You should be able to form a "V" shape, hold it for a few moments and then go back to the starting position. Go back. Not fall back...

Exercise 9 - Plank

Plank is a great exercise for your deep muscles and an excellent way to end up yourabdominal training. Try to do it for at least 60 seconds. Make sure you do it twice.

Exercise 10 - Push up and Side Plank

Same as with jackknives - even though you may feel like you have done it a million times, take the time to do it the Wii Fit way. It is much more demanding. Make sure you maintain a steady rhythm and your motion is fluent through-out the exercise.

Exercise 11 - Arm and Leg Lift

You're almost there. Arm and Leg Lift is the last strength exercise we are going to do in the set. You will quite likely be very tired by now. Still, try to make the most out of it. Don't lift your hands too high as that is not good for your back. Try to hold them level to the ground.

Exercise 12 - Rhythm boxing

Set it to 10 minutes. This is an important cardio-exercise so don't leave it out. This is the last one in the ultimate workout, so make sure your heart's in it!

That's it! You've made it! How do you feel now? Let us know in the comments below the article!