Wii: Sonic and the Secret Rings Review

Sonic and the Secret Rings is one of the more modern (understand 3 dimensional) Sonic titles. Ever since SEGA has withdrawn from the console market, we can´t help but feeling that it´s key character, Sonic, is perfectly at home on the Nintendo Consoles. Most of the recent titles with the blue hedgehog were received with certain reserve by the reviewers. Therefore we are happy to say that Sonic and the Secret Rings brings back all the right ingredients for a wild Sonic ride.

One thing the developers did that helps the game stay in tune with the old-school Sonic formula is an on-rails approach. This means that most levels will only allow you to run forward, having you maneuvre to the sides to avoid obstacles, jump over gaps and jump-attack enemies. The idea works quite well and while you can´t go everywhere, it let´s you to fully concentrate on one thing that makes Sonic so much fun - speed.

The control scheme is very simple. You will hold the Wii remote horizontally in front of you and Sonic will run forward. Tilting the Wii remote to the left or right will make him move to the corresponding direction. Tilting it backwards will acts as a break. You jump with the 2 button and a waggle with the Wii Remote makes Sonic spinball enemies from the air.

The game has pretty good visuals for the Wii and some fantastic moments. One of the most breathtaking moments we have ever experienced in video games would be the ones where Sonic runs on a narrow path, followed by a crazy stampede of triceratops dinosaurs. Another such moment is when he slides along the back of a large bronthosaur. Gameplay moments like these are really epic and you´ll be running through the levels again and again just because of them.

Apart from the lenghty and enjoyable story mode there´s also a collection of minigames that are multiplayer-oriented. They are fun in short doses.

Sonic and the Secret Rings is a solid Wii title that has all the stuff that make for a great Sonic experience. If you´d like to try some of the more recent Sonic titles, go for this one.