Wii Music - an Ideal Birthday Gift

When browsing through Yahoo Answers, we have recently come across the question:

"What Wii game should I buy an 8 year old girl as a birthday present?"

The answer instantly sprang to mind and you can read it in full below:
If she´s 8 years old, get her Wii Music. It´s a title you can´t go wrong with. It is also a good investment for the following reasons:
  • There are loads of songs to play, including happy birthday, so you can start with that song and play with her.
  • There are over 40 instruments in the game, which means there is plenty of play time for her.
  • It´s a game that will grow with her. As she grows older, her taste in music will change and she will come to like some songs more than others. Her musical sense and ability will also get better and she will want less to play along and more to experiment with the songs. Wii Music will let her do that.
  • The game allows more people to play. She will love inviting her friends to play and pretend they are a famous band.
If you want a splendid present for your daughter, buy her Wii Music