Wii: Boom Blox Bash Party Review

Boom Blox Bash Party Review

When the original Boom Blox came out for the Wii last year it managed to catch everybody´s attention. Not only was it published by EA, a major video game publisher, it also had Steven Spielberg´s name on the cover. It did not become a multi-million seller, but it sold well enough and has gained status of a typical Wii game. Family-friendly, accessible and fun.

It is no wonder that we got a sequel to keep us busy during the summer. The gameplay is not significantly different from what we know already - it´s somewhere between bowling and Jenga, with players throwing large balls bring down as many blocks as possible in one throw. There is a certain depth to it, since there are special block that explode when hit or have some other function. So it´s not just about mindlesss action but there´s also a puzzle element to it.
Beside the game itself, there is also a level editor, which is actually the same as the one the developers used to create all the in-game levels. Therefore, once you are done playing with the main content, you can start making your own levels and challenge your friends and family. Another important new addition is the robust online system, that lets you share the levels created with people world-wide and also download levels others have created. It is also possible to guve rating to the user created levles, which allows you to download only the highly rated ones and skip the others.

All summed up, you can´t go wrong with Boom Blox Bash Party.