Nintendo DS: Sonic Rush, Sonis Rush Adventure Review

As you know from the previous post, Sonic is 18 years old as of today and so we´ll do reviews on some his games that should not pass unnoticed.

Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure are Nintendo DS titles that remind us why has this little blue guy become so popular. You will be guiding Sonic through many varied level environments ranging from the traditional "green", to water and underwater islands and some more industrial settings. The levels themselves are quite large in size and non-linear in design. You will mostly be running from left to right, but there are numerous pathways and shortcuts to take. It´s not always obvious how to reach the shortest route through the level and even when you do know how to get there you still need to pull the jump of at the right moment. Sonic has traditionally been about speed and here it´s no different. Not only can Sonic run faster than the wind, but he now possesses the ability to break the sound barrier, becoming even faster for a limited period of time. He can recharge the ability by doing aerial tricks - another new feature that is easily executed and fits well into the concept of the game. Apart from the standard levels, there are also special stages in which the more significant enemies, the bosses, are introduced. The boss creatures themselves are one of the highlights of the game. Compared to Sonic, they are HUGE and their attacks are devastating. The key to defeating them lies in discovering their individual weaknesses and according tactic of how to take them down.

Apart from the single player mode, there is also a multiplayer, which allows players to race against each others time and upload time to the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. There are also special challenge missions to play once you´ve finished the corresponding story parts.

Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure take the old-school tried and proven Sonic formula and add some new mechanics like aerial tricks or supersonic speed boost. The end result is not one but two highly enjoyable games with a lot of replay-ability and lasting value. We´d recommend it for all ages and gamer demographics!